In this guide, we thought about going through what it is for different banks to get a mortgage loan from them. Because it is very different so we encourage everyone to compare before choosing to take out a loan. If you do not have a very hard time borrowing, then you only get a chance. Which is obviously hard to know.

To get a mortgage loan from Good Finance, they write that it makes an assessment of your ability to pay based on your mortgage application. They do this by taking a credit report from Upplysningscentralen (also known as UC) where they check that you do not have any payment notes, among other things.

Then they make an assessment of the value of the home so they can approve it as collateral for the loan. At Good Finance you can take home loans up to a maximum of 85 percent of the market value. That is, the maximum limit for what you can borrow for housing in Sweden with the housing as collateral.

Difference in loan promise and mortgage


Yes, there is a difference between getting a loan promise and getting a mortgage. A loan pledge is just a preliminary message on whether you can borrow money or not and if so how much. And you want that to be more assured that you can borrow and how long you can be part of a bidding when you buy a home.

In order to then get the mortgage, you need an application where you simply apply for the loan. So you need to know that a loan promise does not guarantee loans. And you must be aware of this when applying for a loan promise and submit as much as possible that will allow the bank to really have the right picture of you and the type of home you are going to buy.

Bargain on mortgage!

We talk about that all the time! You MUST try to bargain on your mortgage. Compare what you would get for interest rates at different banks and put pressure on them. However, remember that if you find it difficult to borrow money, you unfortunately have less chance of lowering your interest rate. But everyone should make an effort to get cheaper interest rates. Because there is margin to do it on. And if you also have good financial conditions, there can be a lot to bargain on.

For example, if you have your company’s money with the bank, it will usually be easier to get a good discount on the mortgage. If you are going to bargain for existing loans, you should add a reminder when any maturity expires. And if you have a floating mortgage, you can start bargaining right away. Before contacting the bank, you should check their list and average interest rates. So you know how you are compared to these.

Great guide on home loans

Great guide on home loans

A mortgage may not exceed 85 per cent of the property values. If you buy a villa for 3 million, then the mortgage loan can be up to USD 2550,000 with the housing as collateral for the loan and then you have to have USD 450,000, ie 15%, in the form of Pearl. However, it is possible to borrow Pearls with a private loan. That is, a loan where you do not take the mortgage as collateral for that loan.

You will find a top list of such loans above. There you can see which private loans are the most popular this week for borrowing with Pearl. The list is placed after where our visitors usually borrow for money this week and the leaderboard is reset every Monday at 00:01 at night.